Thursday, December 15, 2011

Week 12 Results

Week 12 is officially over!

Week 12 results:

Weight Loss or Gain: -1.5 lb

Total Weight Loss (since beginning): -17.5 lbs

Yahoo!!  Woohoo!!  Yipppeeeee!!!  To say I am excited by that number is an understatement.

This week has had MANY challenges:

Challenge # 1: Two of my December functions happened in Week 12.  Actually 3 functions were supposed to take place this week but one had to get cancelled.  In any case, of the other two, one was not so hard to stay within my daily point range, the other seemed to be super hard.  The easier of the two was at my chidren's childcare Christmas party.  It was a buffet dinner filled with tonnes of food but I was very careful when I went up to fill my plate.  I stuck to the veggies, fruit and a few small sandwich things that I had brought.  The second function was the more difficult one.  It was a work Christmas lunch at one of my favourite Italian restaurants in Ottawa.  I have been to this restaurant numerous times and one of my favourite dishes is a Pasta Primavera with homemade fettucine noodles, broccoli, sundried tomatoes and a pesto cream sauce.  The pesto cream sauce is what had me a little worried.  I can't even imagine how much fat and calories are in that sauce.  Anyway, my friend convinced me that I should have it anyway.  She reminded me that it is one of my favourite dishes and if there was one Christmas function that I didn't have to be super careful was this one because they actually had a dish that I already know that I really enjoyed.  And she was right (thanks KW)!!  :)  So, in order to offset the calorie intake I was about to consume with the pasta, I chose not to have any wine at that meal and I didn't touch any of their fresh bread.  I started off with a minestrone soup (another dish of theirs that I absolutely love) and then had my delicious pasta.  You know what?  It was SO worth it.  If I am ever to go over on my calorie intake for a day, this is the type of meal that I want to do it with.  It was well worth it.  After the meal was over, a friend and I decided to walk back to work to burn off some of the calories.  It was about a 15-minute walk which I would like to think burned a few calories!!!

Challenge # 2: Pizza.  I wanted to get my kids pizza one night as a treat and because I just didn't feel like making dinner.  Sometimes we make our own but this time I decided on ordering a delivery pizza.  I knew that I had been pretty good during the day so I could treat myself to a couple of slices.  I ended up having quite a bit of salad on the side and two really yummy pieces of cheese pizza!  Mmmmmmm.

Challenge # 3: Christmas cookies!  It is a tradition at Christmas time to bake sugar cookies with my girls.  They love to cut them with the Christmas cookie cutters and decorate them with sprinkles.  Even though I am not a huge cookie eater, I did have to sample one (or two, or three) over the past few days.

Challenge # 4: M & M's.  I am planning on making a different type of cookie over the the weekend to bring to my girls' school for a cookie sale.  These ones are a little like sugar cookies but they also include red and green M&Ms.  I went to Bulk Barn over the weekend to buy enough for the recipe but I obviously bought too much because the bag was $15.  Eeeek.  This super expensive bag of M&Ms has been sitting in my cupboard for about 5 days now and the amount that I brought home is no longer the amount I have in my cupboard now!!  Yes, I have snuck in there on a few occasions and grabbed a small handful.

Even with all these challenges, I have tracked all of my eating (even the little handfuls of red and green M&Ms) every single day.  Even if I wasn't very happy with the number of points I had eaten for a particular meal (i.e. the yummy pasta with pesto cream sauce), I had to be honest with myself and put it in my spreadsheet.  I think that is one of the main reasons why I still lost weight.  I tracked every.single.thing that I ate.  By watching what I ate at other meals in the day, I was able to stay within my calories/points range most days (even the pizza day).  The only day I actually went over was the day I had the pasta with pesto cream sauce.  I'll tell you though, it was well worth it. 

So, now onto Week #13 which will have a few more challenges.  I'll just take each meal and each day at a time and plan accordingly.

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