Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Shopping for Vegas!

To those who doubted me, I told you I would try to post more.  

Unfortunately, this is will probably come off sounding like a negative post.  I don't want it to be but this has been on my mind. A.LOT.  

I am heading to Vegas in 3 weeks with 3 of my close girlfriends.  Why, you ask?!  Well, we are all celebrating our 40th this year and we thought this would be a great way to celebrate.

Here is where I am a bit nervous.  I am going with 3 very beautiful women with pretty great bodies.  I am not necessarily comparing myself to them but I do worry what I will look like standing beside them.  I am happy with my 25lb loss and am much happier going to Las Vegas at this weight then I would 25lbs heavier BUT I am still not going to feel completely comfortable.  

I am going to have to buy some items of clothing because some things are too big on me and make me look frumpy while some things I can't squeeze into yet.

So, you know what I decided, as a treat to myself for my 25lb loss so far, I am going shopping tomorrow night.  Hubby is going to pick up the kids from childcare and I am going straight to the mall right after work.  I don't want to go too fancy and spend oodles on dresses that I'll never wear again.  I am looking for some funky/dressy tops to go with jeans and dress pants.  Fingers crossed that I can find some fun Vegas-type clothing!!

Wish me luck.