Friday, January 27, 2012

The Soup Lady

Recently I have been wondering if I should call myself the "Soup Lady".  When I started this journey almost 4 months ago, I realized that I needed to pay close attention to my lunches at work.  If I didn't plan ahead then I would be forced to grab something quickly from home or buy something at work.  Both options would mean more calories then I needed to have and buying something would mean spending too much money.

My solution - make my lunches ahead of time and freeze extra portions for future lunches.  I have been doing such a good job of it that one day I counted 30+ lunch size containers in my freezer for upcoming lunches at work.  All were low fat, low calorie and extremely nutritious.

Apart from some batches of vegetarian chili, I have been trying out some soup recipes.  Before this, I had never even made homemade soup.  I had been collecting recipes for years but just never got around to making any.  To be honest, they all looked very time consuming (chopping up the veggies, blending batches of the soup in the blender etc).  Anyway, I finally tried my first soup a few months ago and it was so much easier then I thought.

So, here is my list (so far) of soups that I have made:
- broccoli soup (which I posted about here before);
- potato soup;
- butternut squash soup;
- lentil soup (this was a flop but I have a new recipe that comes highly recommended); and
- cauliflower and roasted red pepper soup.

I really have to say that having these ready for lunches is really contributing to my weight loss.  It is so easy to grab a frozen soup (yes, I freeze them so they don't leak in my bag on my way to work) and go to work.  I always pack some fruit and, depending on the soup, some additional veggies to munch on with my soup. 

I will post some of the soup recipes in case any of you want to try.  I'll also post my vegetarian chili recipe because it is absolutely amazing.  I could eat it for lunch and dinner for weeks on end. Yummy, filling and very flavourful.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Week 18 Results

Week 18 results:

Weight Loss or Gain: - 0.5lb

Total Weight Loss (since beginning): - 18.5 lbs

To be honest, I wasn't expecting a loss at all this week so I am quite excited about the 0.5lb loss.  I had two dinners out last week which put me way over my calories (points) for those days.  I stayed within my daily target range for the rest of the time and I went to the gym 2 times so I guess it paid off.

I know I have been quiet on here lately and I have been meaning to fix that.  I hope to start posting more exciting stories and recipes soon.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Week 16 & 17 Results

I know, I know, I've been slacking.  The good thing is, I have only been slacking with my blog.  I haven't been slacking with my food and exercise.  I am still watching what I am eating, writing everything down AND going to gym 2-3 days per week.

So, here are the results from the past 2 weeks.  They aren't brilliant but they show that I am still on track.

Week 16 results:
Weight Loss or Gain: -0 lb
Total Weight Loss (since beginning): -17lbs

Week 17 results:
Weight Loss or Gain: -1lb
Total Weight Loss (since beginning): -18lbs

So, there you have it.  It isn't mind blowing but it is still okay.  

I have a couple of events to go to during Week 18 so let's hope I'll be okay by the end of it.  

Toodles!  I hope to be writing more regularly.  Sorry if you have missed me.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Week 15 Results

I should have posted this 5 days ago.

Week 15 is now over, thank god!!

Week 15 results:
Weight Loss or Gain: -1 lb
Total Weight Loss (since beginning): -17

I know that looks good but trust me, the scale is not going to be pretty next week.  Why you ask?  Well, to start with, I over indulged on alcohol on New Year's Eve and I guess it just hasn't caught up with me yet.  I won't even tell you how much I actually drank but I can tell you that it is more than I am used to drinking (guess I needed to party).  Hee hee oops!!  The next thing, I nibbled on some junk food the next day to help cure my small hangover.  I am in so much trouble next week.  Well, at least I had a tonne of fun on New Year's Eve this year!!  :)