Thursday, February 23, 2012

Week 22 Results

Week 22 Results (Feb. 16-22, 2012):

Weight Loss or Gain:  No Loss and No Gain
Total Weight Loss (since beginning): -20.5lbs

I will admit, I am really surprised about this.  I had completely expected to gain about a pound (and hopefully not more).  My sister-in-law was visiting from England so we were out and about acting like tourists in our own city.  It included a lot of eating out and drinking wine.  Check this out:

Thursday: popcorn at the Disney on Ice show with our kids and wine with dinner later on in the evening
Friday: dinner out at an amazing Italian restaurant (lots of wine and a delicious pasta dish with rose sauce)
Saturday: a Beavertail at Winterlude (if you don't know what a Beavertail is, imagine a very flat and very large doughnut which is full of sugar and fat); wine later on in the evening
Sunday: breakfast at a restaurant (omelette with salsa and cheese), ice cream cake for dessert at dinner (sister-in-law's birthday celebration), about 4 glasses of wine
Monday: pancakes at a sugar bush and a few licks of maple taffy

OMG.  Looking at that is rather embarrassing.  Please believe me when I say that this is not a regular week's menu AT ALL.  We really were all over the city at various toursit attractions so there were just some things that I couldn't turn down. 

Now can you see why I am pleasantly surprised that I didn't gain a pound (or two).

Fingers crossed that it doesn't all catch up to me next Thursday morning. 

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