Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Week 15 Results

I should have posted this 5 days ago.

Week 15 is now over, thank god!!

Week 15 results:
Weight Loss or Gain: -1 lb
Total Weight Loss (since beginning): -17

I know that looks good but trust me, the scale is not going to be pretty next week.  Why you ask?  Well, to start with, I over indulged on alcohol on New Year's Eve and I guess it just hasn't caught up with me yet.  I won't even tell you how much I actually drank but I can tell you that it is more than I am used to drinking (guess I needed to party).  Hee hee oops!!  The next thing, I nibbled on some junk food the next day to help cure my small hangover.  I am in so much trouble next week.  Well, at least I had a tonne of fun on New Year's Eve this year!!  :)

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